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Kodak produce a large assortment of widely used printers and MFP devices widely used in countless offices and people's homes all over Britain. Well-known for their value for money, Kodak ink cartridges and printers are also known for the high quality of the printouts that they produce.

Kodak recommend that you should purchase Kodak original ink cartridges for use within your Kodak printer or all in one device to make sure your printouts achieve the same quality of output and consistent number of pages printed. Although compatible Kodak toner cartridges could at first appear to be a little less expensive, some may have a smaller print life & possess a smaller quantity of toner than genuine Kodak ink cartridges and in due course cause harm to your printer, therefore increasing your running costs in the long run.

As we're one of the United Kingdom's most significant suppliers of ink and toner, we sell original Kodak ink cartridges at a great price.

Find your model of Kodak printer below to find the ink cartridges that you need and start saving!



EasyShare 5000

EasyShare 5100

EasyShare 5200

EasyShare 5300

EasyShare 5500


ESP 1.2


ESP 3.2

ESP 3.2S

ESP 3200

ESP 3250


ESP 5210

ESP 5250


ESP 7200

ESP 7250


ESP 9250

ESP C100

ESP C110

ESP C300

ESP C310

ESP C315

ESP Office 2100

ESP Office 2150

ESP Office 2170

ESP Office 6150


Hero 3.1

Hero 5.1

Hero 6.1

Hero 7.1

Hero 9.1


Verite 55 Wireless Printer